Saturday, October 17, 2015

HomeStays Mawlynnong

Visiting Mawlynnong cannot be complete without spending a night there and having a early morning walk in the serene and quite village.  One gets a great chance to find why this village is as clean and beautiful as it is.

Mawlynnong has home-stays as options for accommodation.  There aren't hotels available for stay in this beautiful village.  Five star hotel facilities cannot be expected but all home-stays are clean and your host excellent.

1.  Ha La Rympei

    Contact Person :: Ricky (+91 9615823660) (
    Room Info ::  Two rooms with double bed each (1500-2000 INR per room)

HaLa Rympei

2.  Sky View point

     Contact Person :: Rishot (+91 8575615877 or +91 8575083491)
     Room Info :: 1 Rooms with two single beds (1500 - 2000 INR per night)
                           1 Room with single bed (1500 INR per night)
     The entire cottage can be hired at 3000 INR

3.  Ha La I Jong

     Contact Person :: Henry (+91 9615043027 && +91 8014767219)
     Room Info :: 2 Rooms each with two single beds (3000-3500 INR per night for both rooms)
                           1 Room with two double beds (2000-2500 INR per night)

4.  Bangladesh View Homestay

      Contact Person :: (+91 9615386060)
      Room Info :: Two rooms each having two double beds (3000 INR for both or 2000 INR for one)

5.  Ha La Tyngkong

     Contact Person :: (+91 9615973768)

6.  Name :: Ha La I Trep

     Contact Person :: John (+91 8014037581)
     Room Info :: 1 Room with two double beds (2000 INR per night)
                           1 Room with one double bed (1000-1500 INR per night)

The entire cottage including both rooms can be hired at 3000 INR per night

7.  Epiphany Society Guest House

     Contact Person :: Thomlin (+91 9856939465) or DD Laloo (+91 9463100856)
     Room Info :: 2 Rooms each with two double beds (3000 INR per night)

8.  Sahpyngngad

     Contact Person :: (+91 9615724352)
    Room Info ::  1 room with double bed (2000-2500 INR)

9.  Harud Wahduid Brook Side

     Contact Person :: (+91 8575440446)

10.  Bamboo Huts

     Contact Person :: Carol (+91 9436104844)
     Room Info :: 2 Rooms each with double bed (3000 INR per room)

Booking :: 

There is no online option available yet to make booking for home-stays in Mawlynnong.  For booking one has to call and confirm availability.  Take the account number of and transfer some booking amount in the bank to confirm the booking. 

Please see that you can ask for discounts if you are booking the entire guest house, that is, all the rooms in the home-stay.

Alternatively, Embor (+91 8974269132 & +91 9615005660)  can be contacted.
He seems a travel agent and can help in making the booking for all these places.  He can also help for accommodation in other places in Meghalaya.

Welcome To Mawlynnong - Gods own Garden

So plan your stay soon and get ready to feel the serene surroundings and aesthetic beauty of the place. Your stay is guaranteed to be memorable and comfortable.